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Dark Matter

Interactive audiovisual installation
with wireless headphones / sensor

Voice: Janine Eisenächer
Duration: 21:40

In his solo exhibition HATERS Georg Klein brings a highly topical theme to the table, 'Hate Speech' and the murderous consequences, in two immersive installations for headphones and video:

Cuts & Creeds from 2010 and Dark Matter from 2021.

Dark Matter is designed as an individual experience: the visitor enters the initially dark, isolated room with a wireless headset that is connected to an orientation system via sensors. In the darkness, sound and visual elements emerge accordingly, leading into an immersive confrontation with 'hate speech' in right-wing extremist music and symbolism, the trail of which goes from a neo-Nazi music club (2002) to the assassination in Halle (2019).
The audiovisual composition is divided into 3 parts that build on each other and trace the development of right-wing extremism over the last 20 years, both musically and in terms of content and strategies. The researched footage end up in a reality that is in turn staged: as a gamification of terror.

Both installations are characterised by a documentary perspective and contain material with (right-wing) extreme texts, symbols and visual material including actions recorded therein that do not correspond to the artist's attitude and can incriminate sensitive visitors. Admission from 16 years.

The exhibition HATERS is the third part of the series AARC.
AARC (Artists Against Racism Cooperation) emerged as a reaction to the assassination in Hanau 2020, which led to a cooperation between members of the Errant Sound project space in Mitte and the Turkish project space 'apartment project' in Neukölln to bring an artistic discourse on racism to the public with newly developed productions.
Errant Sound Berlin
August 21– Sept. 12 2021

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