Sound before Silence

georg klein

The Sound before Silence

Souvenirs from North Korea - Audiovisual Installation
With his installation Klein delivers a personal travelogue from audio, photos, blog-like video material and brought objects from North Korea, staged in a pentagonal, isolated chamber. The extreme tension that lay above this journey was not only incorporated in the "souvenirs" presented in a light, sound and video dramaturgy in the space, but also in a composition for the Korean national instrument Gayageum, the forms the subterranean soundtrack.
The focus is on a song that Klein was fortunate enough to pick up in the "flower exhibition" in Pyongyang: a song on the Kimilsungia (orchid) and thus on the North Korean founder of the state. Klein asked the guide - a traditional North Korean girl - to sing the song for a recording. Back in Berlin, Klein composed the song together with a South Korean Gayageum player, who for the first time entered into a musical discourse with a "sister" from North Korea.