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Audiowalk Award 2020
Binaural Sound Walk in public space: Former Luisenstädtischer Kanal between Oranienplatz and Thomaskirche, Berlin.

GPS-guided, with App
Duration: 48 min.

Permanent since Sept. 7th 2019
The Engelbecken and the Luisenstädtische Kanal between Kreuzberg and Mitte have an extremely eventful history: they were broken up during the imperial era, filled up during the Weimar period, turned into a garden and again filled with concrete as a strip of the Berlin Wall. Today, these historic layers are barely noticeable, and Georg Klein, who has known the site since 1987, undertakes an acoustic archeology, immersing the sound stroller in scraps of memory and musical time travel.

The physical excavation, backfilling, re-creation, concreting and re-digging of the Luisenstädtischer Kanal finds its counterpart here in the compositional arrangement of the Sound Walk, which allows the various narrative layers to emerge without classifying them in terms of time. Thus, visitors often do not know from which time the story is being told and try to see something that is no longer there. With the app, a total of 12 listening stations (including historical photos) can be run, spanning a period from 1848 to 2008, exposing different layers like an acoustic archaeology and enabling today's visitors* to become aware of the historical upheavals directly on site.

cur. by Yael Sherill
CLB Popup Gallery
at Aufbau-Haus Berlin
Sept. 7 – 27 2019

Sound and Memory
Errant Sound Project Space
Sept 12 - 29 2019

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