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Sprich mit mir (Installation)
tracing Godwin (Installation)
turmlaute.2: European Border Watch
Ramallah Tours (soundpicdocs)
In March 2015 the new thematic catalog 'borderlines - georg klein' was presented in a solo show at Kunsthaus Meinblau in Berlin, with following works:

- Sprich mit mir / Talk to me (2009) as installation
- tracing Godwin (seit 2011) as installation
- turmlaute.2: European Border Watch (seit 2007) as documentation (soundpicdoc)
- Ramallah Tours (2009) as documentation (soundpicdoc)

The book 'borderlines' was presented by Marcus Gammel (DeutschlandRadio Kultur) in a talk with Georg Klein. The book contents articles by:

- Sabine Sanio : Reality as a Site for Art
- Max Glauner : Are you coming in? - Modes of Participation
- Claudia Wahjudi : Politics in the Glasshouse
- Stefan Fricke / Georg Klein : Balancing Act between Art and Politics

Concert performance: Agnès Guipont
DJ: Wendelin Büchler / Corvo Records
Kunsthaus Meinblau
March 13th - 15th 2015


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