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The Interactive Piano /
Das interaktive Klavier

Concert installation for Grand Piano (MIDI) and participative audience

Active MIDI Grand Piano, Video camera, Computer (MaxMSP),
floor pattern with 6 zones,
2 piano compositions
The Interactive Piano is a piece for grand piano - but without pianist. Instead of that the visitors get roped into the role of an avant-garde piano player, by an interactive constellation. A video camera catches the positions and movements of one visitor, who stands on the floor in front of the instrument. Beside there are some chairs for waiting people - listening and watching the active player.

A single player can move on the floor like he wants, can come closer to the grand piano - and even sit down on the music stool and play. With his movements he is evoking short parts, fragments, phrases or sounds depending on his movements. But the played parts appear everytime in another version, as "interactive variations". Thus, no course is equal to the other.

The performance stage is arranged in six zones, marked by different floor patterns to allow some orientation. At the same time these patterns animate the "performers" to explore the whole field. Thus, half randomly half programmed a piano piece develops ("structured random"). Each active visitor plays "his" piece, in a way he makes his own composition and his own performance. After finishing the audience is free to give applause.

But the 'Interactive Piano' cannot be controlled completety: It often playes in a headstrong way something other than the players expects. The instrument has its independent existence ("Eigenleben") - and the performer steps in a dialog with his instrumental partner. A relationship develops.

For the Klangwerkstatt anniversary there are included two compositions for piano (P.Ablinger: "Ohne Titel 1" from 1988/1990, T.Akyol "Roboski" from 2013) on the left and the right side of the interaction field which represent 25 years of the festival Klangwerkstatt Berlin. Instead of these other pieces can be used for future versions.
SophienSaele Berlin
Festival 25 Jahre Klangwerkstatt
Nov 3rd - 9th 2014

13th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC)
Aug. 31st - Sep 4th 2016

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