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for sextett with virtual mirror sextett
piano, violine, viola, cello, clarinet, flute and 6 hidden loudspeakers / 6-channel audio)

duration: 12:00

sixis has 3 parts: a quiet part A, a multiple, accelerated part B with some historical references and again a quiet part C as a mirror part of A.
The most important element in the composition for sextett is a virtual second sextett, playing behind the musicians hidden by a curtain. The position of the speakers has to be exactly adjusted like the sound radiation of the original instruments, so that a doubled sextett can be heard from the same positions on the stage.
During the first part of the piece the virtual instruments appear slowly and almost undistinguishable to the real instruments. In the second part they appear more and more obvious and finally they overtake the real instruments while the musicians are imitating their own playing. In the third part the 12 voices are mixing again more and more as a mirror part of A with reverse voices.

sixis plays with the perception of the listeners by this doubled stage constellation because listening is not consistent with seeing. The piece can only be performed live in this constellation and connot be heard without the visual part.
For the first performance at Konzerthaus Berlin recordings were made with the modern art sextett for the electronically transformed 6-channel tape, the virtual sextett.