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installations > Fog Zone: installation (4:00) + video excerpts (3:30)
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Fog Zone
Installation in a fog space with 6 dystopic stations
6 screens with audio-video-loops

Voices: Sophia New, Steffi Weismann Quotations by Wladimir Putin, R.T. Erdoğan, Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt

»Community, Identity, Stability« - Aldous Huxley's motto for his dystopian novel Brave, New World of 1931 is currently experiencing a national populist return - whether in Europe, Turkey, the USA or China. Interesting is the moment of seduction, the voluntary nature, which in the real world brings a majority to choose an autocratic leader, or even millions, to submit their data to a machine, a global corporation.
In Huxley's novel the aim was "to love what he had to do" - which is determined by conditioning at the embryonic stage. In six dystopian stations (audiovisual loops), a panorama of present-day dystopian tendencies is spread out and at the same time hidden in a dense fog. The glistening fog here becomes a metaphor for utopian perfection, which, through its totality, turns into its dystopian opposite: it is all bright - but we cannot see anything. Orientation is only possible by hearing, so that the visitors have to approach the individual stations almost blindly groping.

The installation plays with the total inversion of the room: the extremely heavy, dark and acoustically live space of the water reservoir is turned into its extreme opposite by the glistening fog and the sandy soil: bright, light and acoustically dry. In this white, contourless opacity of the mists, one loses oneself, as one would be lost in the perfect world, because the other, the deviation, the possible, would have disappeared.

All videos play with found footage, but with a transformed or even faked audio track. The six audio-video-loops create acoustically an ambivalent, dystopic atmosphere, leading into six fields of our society:

1 - Ideology : her glossy lips (text cit. A.Huxleys)
2 - Control : his brother's eyes (visual cit. G.Orwell)
3 - Nature Taming: whole tree chips (visual cit. "Bio-Chip" promotion)
4 - Artificial Intelligence : sophia's smirk (visual cit. "Robot Sophia Test" Hanson Robotics)
5 - Bio Politics : embryo's faith (visual cit. "In the Womb" documentary)
6 - Privacy : elite gates (visual cit. "Elite Gates" promotion)

Sound Art Festival
Gr. Wasserspeicher Berlin
Sept 21 – 30 2018

Produced by:
Errant Sound e.V.


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