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sound matters:
kein sound ist illegal
(no sound is illegal)

commercial version, 2016

interactive sound installation, T-shirts in different sizes, 5 prints

voice: Birol Ünel
In 2016 'Errant Sound - Project Space Berlin' (formerly 'Errant Bodies') was awarded with the Project Space Award by the Senat of Berlin. Errant Sound group show works centering around sound matters and sound materialism, hereby also reflecting upon the way in which economic issues may arrest or fire the free imagination of the project space ethos. Works by: Mario Asef, Alessandra Eramo, Peter Cusack, Georg Klein, Brandon Labelle, Thom Kubli (with Jo-ey Tang), Ines Lechleitner, Laura Mello, Jutta Ravenna, Kirsten Reese, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff

The starting point of Georg Klein's installation is a found sticker at a crossing in Berlin with the sentence: kein sound ist illegal (no sound is illegal). The sentence comes from a political slogan of a campaign ("Kein Mensch ist illegal" / "No one is illegal"), which startet as an art project at the DOCUMENTA X in 1997.

The installation has two parts: outside a horn loudspeaker suddenly speaks to the passers-by with the voice of Birol Ünel (German-Turkish actor) the sentence "kein sound ist illegal" when the people pass over a borderline. The closer they come to the shop, the more intimate appears the voice.
Inside the shop T-shirts with the slogan "kein sound ist illegal" are offered, similar to the increasing number of products to buy with the original slogan.

This "commercial version" of the project - the first version was installed in 2015 without T-shirts - responds on the common marketing of political slogans, particularly of left-wing movements.
Errant Sound
Project Space Berlin
Sep 13-18 2016

Project Space Award 2016
Berlin Art Week 2016


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