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kein sound ist illegal /
no sound is illegal


Interactive sound-text-installation
Voice : Birol Ünel

With hornspeaker / laser sensor outside
and stereo speakers / seats inside
How do we reach the others? How do we get into someone’s ear ?
Every socio-political movement deals with these questions, and develops different strategies – whether we are talking about the fall of Berlin’s wall, the Arab Spring or in the protests in Greece. The starting point of this installation is a found sticker at a crossing in Berlin with the sentence: kein sound ist illegal (no sound is illegal). The sentence comes from a political slogan of a campaign (“Kein Mensch ist illegal” / “No one is illegal”), which startet as an art project at the DOCUMENTA X in 1997.

The installation has two parts: outside an interactive one – an acoustic intervention in public space in front of the shop window – and inside a more passive part, where the visitors are sitting, watching and listening. Here, the visitors can observe the passers-by, how they react on the voice, which comes out of a horn loudspeaker, triggered by a laser sensor. The voice by the german-turkish actor Birol Ünel (“Gegen die Wand”) can be heard in 4 versions with many variations depending on the distance to the sensor.

In the space appears not only Birols fragmented deep voice, but also live generated sinus sounds, floating in small variations, and suddenly some parts of a recording of a political demonstration on the German politics regarding refugees, with the original slogan. Sitting in the shop window the visitors watch the movie like scenes outside, getting in a visual contact with the irritated passers-by, listening a political-musical text field.
The Voice Observatory - Part 4: The Collective Voice

Errant Bodies
Sound Art Project Space Berlin
May 10th - 17th 2015


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