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Cuts and Creeds
Young male assassins in an oriental-occidental perspective

Dual audiovisual installation
with 2 window projections (Video),
2 arm chairs with headphones (Audio),
2 readers (Text)
Audio-Video-Loops each 18 min.
Reader each 32 Seiten,
Roomsound-Loop 36min.
The installation Cuts and Creeds brings together two sides of a virulent phenomenon in our times: the Muslim suicide-bomber and the western gunmen running amok. On both sides most of them are young, male - and full of hate. And they come from the midst of our society. The audiovisual installation works with self-manifestations of suicide assassins – both are using video messages on the internet to reach a wide public - and merges it with specific material of their cultural and ideological background.

For the installation research was made in Iran, Germany and England, on western videogames, Iranian martyrdom and the medial representation of assassins in the internet. The work touches two sensible points in these two different cultural areas and brings them together in a disturbing way, questioning the attraction of this kind of ideology of violence and sacrifice: In which condition I have to be, which feelings, which thoughts I must have to kill other people and myself in this way.

The installation consists of a double projection in two windows of an empty shop in a mixed urban area of western and muslim people. Whereas from outside only the videos can be seen, inside the shop with a atmospheric roomsound all three media video, audio, text – can be perceived parallelly, but seperated for both sides A and M. There are only two armchairs, where the voices of the now dead assassins of a shool shooting (A) and a suicide bombing (M) can be heard by headphones.

  A (Amok) M (Martyr)
Video Assassin’s Creed main character. Played on a PS3 (Sony Playstation; Ubisoft/Canada) Faces of Martyrs (Iran). Fotographed at the cementary of martyrs in Isfahan/Iran.
Audio Voice out of the final video message by Bastian B. (gunman Emsdetten/D 2006) Voice out of the final video message by Moham. Sidique Khan (suicide bomber London 2005)
  Voice out of Assassin’s Creed (introduction) Voice of Ibrah. Abou Nagie (germ. islamic prayer)
  Voices out of Assassin’s Creed (dialogs by Altair and his master Al Mualim) Song of martyrs, by Cüneyt Cifci (first german-turkish suicide bomber in Afghanistan)
Reader Orig. quotes, videostills and texts by:
Bastian B., Dawud Gholasamad, Landes-kriminalamt NRW, H.M. Enzensberger
Orig. quotes, videostills and texts by:
Mohammed Sidiqhe Khan, Dawud Gholasamad, Verfassungsschutz NRW, H.M. Enzensberger
  Internet forum + discussion on
video games and gunmen
Internet forum + discussion on
turkish suicide bomber Cüneyt Cifci
Roomsound Outdoor recording Isfahan (Iran) and Assassin’s Creed background sounds, +filter +resonance

Das Labor - Ladengalerie
5th Feb. - 1st March 2010

apartman projesi Istanbul
24th Nov. - 12th Dec. 2010

Galerie écart Osnabrück
European Media Art Festival (EMAF)
27th Apr. - 29th May 2011




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