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Ramallah Tours
intervention with a palestinian taxi in Israel

4-channel car installation + travel agency website

4 audio loops: 32min.

The project Ramallah Tours consists of two parts belonging together: one local part on the street in public space and one corresponding part in the internet by a website.

A taxi is parking in different cities of Israel, coated with the typical color and labelling of palestinian, collective taxis, which numerously appear in Ramallah but not in Israel – and may not appear in Israel. The car is sounding, excited by four transducers at the car body (door, window, back, front), which produce different sounds: engine and alarm sound, noise of a car barrier at Qalandia border checkpoint, radio news with jewish reactions on the speech of US president Barak Obama in Kairo (english), abstract electronic sounds, two peace songs (hebrew and arabic), noise of concrete mixer at a new settlement, sounds of the sea and beach games at Tel Aviv. The self-sounding vehicle is irritating the passers-by and draws attention to the inscription at the car: "Ramallah Tours: safe&easy, Haifa | Tel Aviv | Jerusalem" with the website

By the english-hebrew-arabic website the visitors find a travel agency called Ramallah Tours – safe & easy, which offers tours from Israel to Ramallah/Palestine for different groups of citizens: jewish-israelian citizens, palestinian-israelian citizens, palestinian citizens, other nationalities. The website contains a booking service, a permission download service and feedback form. The additional highlite site announces an exhibition on the future of Palestine in Ramallah: Shrinking Palestine – An Architectual Challenge, where a great future is proclaimed for a shrinking and fragmented country. Behind the faked surface of pretended future plans there can be seen a foto series on the actual reality of the two countries.



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