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too big to fail (concept)
sound light text installation
on the scandal of the Bank of Berlin
with 24 red shining speakers, colored foil and original folk songs from Berlin

audio-loop: x min.
At the Alexanderplatz in Berlin there is a single public restroom (toilette), a building block out of glass in a style of a clear, transparent architecture. It stands almost in the center of the place, not very observed - but vis-a-vis to the entrance of the biggest Berliner Bank, the Bankgesellschaft Berlin with the Landesbank Berlin.

This public restroom I wanted to transform in a sound, light and text sculpture, with 24 red shining speakers at the roof in 12 channel surround sound control. The glass walls will be covered by a colored foil (the three colors of the Bankgesellschaft Berlin) with some words in it. In the night this cube should be lightened from inside, dimmed in a regular slow rhythm.

The sounds, voices and words are out of the financial world, especially out of the scandal of the Bankgesellschaft Berlin, which led to a government change in Berlin, but was never cleared up totally. Because of this scandal today Berlin has one of the highest burden of debts in Germany.
Another part in the sound collage will be old, original folk songs of Berlin, given as a chorus out of these row of oudspeakers.

Because of an intervention by the Landesbank Berlin this installation could not be realised.

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